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June 02 2013

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We could all learn a thing or two from European game journalists.

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♥ let me shower with you shinji-kun ♥
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May 29 2013

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fuck the patriarchy

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strong female characters

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ruthless as fuck

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wanna see my boyfriend? *takes out a pic of a video game character*

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gently caress togami or gently caress togami
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fuck love up and make it evil.
fanmix for enoshima junko and kamukura izuru.

art credit


one. fitz and the tantrums spark
two. marina and the diamonds e.v.o.l.
three. lykke li youth knows no pain
four. when saints go machine fail forever
five. lana del rey serial killer
six. fever ray i’m not done
seven. emeli sande kill the boy
eight. oh land wolf and i
nine. zola jesus ixode
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May 23 2013

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